my first step

Every journey begins … Well, you probably know this proverb. Teachers all do, don’t they 😉 After all, we are often there at the starting line to guide the new participants when another “race” begins. But unless we embark on new journeys ourselves, we’ll have hard time understanding how intimidating, how scary, how huge a fresh beginning can be!

For months now I have been toying with the idea of my own teaching blog. Every day when leaving school my head is a whirlwind of impressions, ideas, doubts and questions. The half-hour ride back home is a loud monologue to help me understand what went on in the classroom. I replay my lessons, revisit great and not so great moments, analyze my own performance in the class and interaction with my students. When a lesson was a success I “copy-paste” the steps undertaken and the tasks we did into my memory. When a lesson, or part of the lesson made me cringe, I go back to that embarrassing or difficult moment and try to understand what went wrong. I am actually getting better at that, at revisiting the tough moments. I have learned to deal with failures without feeling all teary and depressed. Instead I have started to see failure as a way to improve, a possibility to move further. It’s almost as if I’m saying to myself, “Thank God this stupid error is done with! No need to go there again!”

So this blog space here is nothing more but my weekly reflections put down in writing. Well, sometimes maybe more. And sometimes less … we’ll see. After having read so many inspiring posts from great teacher all over the world, I must admit that publishing in the same blogosphere with these great teachers can seem slightly daunting. But I believe that catching my fleeting thoughts into words, clarifying my impressions by writing them down, asking questions that might get answered will help me become a better teacher. And I do aspire towards that. For my own sake. And for the sake of my students!


6 thoughts on “my first step

  1. Excellent blog. I’m happy to have discovered it. Great activities which are simple to implement in a wide range of situations. Thank you so much… I’m looking foward to reading more!

  2. Salam Dear, Frankly, you’re the best sewer on words and ideas, just because your writing attracted me and inspired my world of imagination..i read many passages and i felt really flying away with biirds of education, thse birds which give light to the darkness. I do believe in first step at any learing process and the right willing to get in the right time and place too. In Algeria there’s a proverb which says ” when you start, you cant’ finish, coz you’ll discover thet you’re the most Professional one” this is the reality in teaching and Learning ..we need to trust ourselves and keep faith …thanks a lot my new friend ..take care and keep in touch
    Salim, ELT, from Algeria .

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