A happy post for a sunny day.

Some days ago I read Eugenia’s another wonderful post on raising bilingual (no, trilingual, no wait, was there more?!) kids. She talked about using songs in learning, but what caught my instant attention was the first part of her post where she talks about the kind of teacher she is, enthusiastic, full of life and joy. I read her lines and nodded my head vigorously. So much so that it gave me a slight headache 😉 Just as sometimes my lessons would. Not because they are so dreadful and make every part of my body ache. But because I am so happy in most of my classes that the energy being there gives me drives me slightly mad.

I guess there is a tiny actor, a small artist in most of the teachers. And I dare say that if we are completely honest with ourselves, we must own up that being in front of the students gives us a kick. We love the attention, we love the occasional laugh, we love to be loved. Tell me if I am wrong!

What I also love about being in the class is that I can create something. I love getting the initial idea, then developing it into a lesson plan and then getting out there and giving it a go. When I begin planning my week’s lessons I always ask myself – would that be fun to teach? would I want to be a student in the class? Will we have a good time? Now, I am maybe pushing it a wee too far. I know that learning is a serious business that involves a lot of sweat and tears … but I cannot help but try to transform the effort into something that is fun. I couldn’t give lessons I am myself not enjoying.

There are parts to the syllabus that I have harder times dealing with than others. There are some grammar parts, some vocabulary I feel less comfortable with and I dread the lessons where I have to cover them. However, just as there are the occasional bitter parts, there are many lessons I look forward to teaching. I am eager to walk into the class and see what will happen. Tomorrow, in one of my classes, we will be looking into gerunds and infinitives. And since I found a really lovely way of learning that, I have been enjoying this lesson a lot. I am using The New English File Pre-Intermediate for that. In the textbook the gerund part is learnt while discussing what makes us happy. I find it such a wonderful, such an inspirational topic that learning happens without students even noticing. (Oups, sorry, I know NOTICING is important!)

Anyway, students’ homework for tomorrow’s lesson is to take pictures with their smartphones of moments when they felt really happy and nice. I will take my two pics too, as we, teachers, know that joining in is important and can boost students’ motivation 😉

Here are my pics.


Have a sunny week!


2 thoughts on “A happy post for a sunny day.

  1. Dear Sirja,

    How right you are when you say that we must try to put ourselves in the place of the student. How important it is for us to even do exactly what the students have been assigned to do as you yourself did! Thank you very much for making us so happy and optimistic through your post and thank you very much for liking our post so much. I am honored and so is my family! You see, it is never MY post or MY achievement! It involves too many people to be just mine!

    Thank you very very much,

    • Thank you, Eugenia, for stopping by! And yes, your and your family’s story is really exciting to follow. And as I said in one of the comments, being a mum in a bilingual (almost trilingual) context myself, as well as a teacher, I can so well relate to your stories. You’re doing an amazing job there!

      Sunny hugs

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