IATEFL on my mind …

… aka, a speedy post too long for FB

Everybody in my PLN seems to be moving in the Liverpool rhythm right now. It’s the main food for our thoughts and soul. I personally fall asleep with images and ideas still whirling in my restless little head and wake up eager to grab the phone to check the newest and the craziest (who sang what at karaoke 😉

I teach with Liverpool watching over me. I hear the speakers’ voices when I correct, explain grammar, give instructions, try to motivate etc. I feel the gurus watching over me when I prepare my lessons. Yesterday evening, after a hard day’s night work (there he is, Mr Crystal 😉 I sat down in front of my screen and enjoyed Cecilia Lemos’ talk on oral correction. I agree with most of the things she said in her talk and I do believe we do our students a disservice if we pamper them too much.

Anyway, today, in all of my lessons while correcting my students’ oral production, Cecilia’s talk was sitting on my shoulder. And then something really funny happened. Here’s the dialogue,

A boy: If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in Lisbon

Me: Why?

The boy: Because it is a beautiful city and the people is nice!

Me: People IS nice????

The boy: YES! They is VERY nice!


Till next time!


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