Zoom in

Anna’s beautifully honest post on self analysis made me pace from one end of the kitchen to another while I was mumbling to myself, ‘What’s in here for me?’ ‘How can I use it? Oh, come on, inspiration, I feel there’s stuff in here I can use!’

And use it I can, definitely! It made me think of the upcoming teacher training sessions I am honored to conduct again this year. It’s the sequel to last year’s seminars, which were my first to plan and run. I loved that new project, new teaching / learning adventure that unfolded during the sessions. Loads was shared and analyzed. We pondered on discipline, took apart lesson plans, evaluated each other’s evaluation techniques, studied methods, tasks, attitudes. So in a way, I think, these seminars created rather a neat whole by the end and if the course had stopped there, it would have already been quite a satisfaction for both of us, my trainee and me.

However, as it is a two-part training course, I have one more sequence of seminars to plan. And that’s where Anna’s daring reflections lent themselves to long-awaited inspiration and motivation. I am incredibly lucky to have as my first trainee a wonderful teacher who is on the same wave length with me. We’ve got to know each other pretty well, we are comfortable in each other’s company and both eager to grow and develop as teachers. And even though I am officially the trainer, I can honestly say, learning is definitely mutual when we get together.

So having said all that, what if we turned the regular teacher training a little upside down and started from within ourselves? What if, instead of our students and lessons, we zoomed into ourselves? What if we scrutinized ourselves as teachers?

I have lots of ideas, thoughts, quotes, snippets fighting for attention in my head right now. Questions are bombarding me. Questions like:

How would I describe myself as a teacher?

What am I good at?

What kind of a teacher I dream of being?

What kind of a teacher I would like to have if I were my students?

How would I like to grow? How can I start growing?

It’s all raw and pretty shapeless for the moment. But I am excited about how it’ll turn out. I’m curious and eager to dig deeper into who we are as teachers.

WHAT’S MORE, I am also hoping you could help me just a little bit 😉

Would you mind sharing any posts, articles, books you’ve read on a similar topic. Maybe there was a quote that touched you. I would be grateful for all inspiration!

I, on the other hand, promise to share the adventure with you!


4 thoughts on “Zoom in

  1. This is probably too late, but hopefully you’ll still find it interesting. Hana Ticha has lots of blogposts along those lines: how-i-see-it-now.blogspot.com. Even if you don’t find anything relevant, you should read her blog anyway!

    • Dear Samdy,
      First of all let me tell you how glad I was to see your comment here 🙂 So nice to hear your voice again. I know you’re traveling, so it’s lovely to still find the time to contribute here!
      I have only recently discovered Hana’s blog and intend to dig deeper as soon as time allows!
      Thank you, dear Sandy!
      Enjoy the holiday season!

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