Snippets it is then!

I promised to be back before another year, didn’t I!

I actually know why so few posts get written in this space. It’s a monster called ‘thoroughness’. Oftentimes interesting, noteworthy, surprising things happen in the class. I might cringe over a stupid move, laugh till in tears, flush because of embarrassing situations, and every time I make a mental note in my head, ‘blog about it!’ But I never get down to doing it. I am put off by the enormity of the task. I feel I need to develop, analyse, create smart paragraphs. Suddenly the pleasure of sharing is replaced by yet another responsibility, another hard labour.

It’s actually silly because these long, highly developed, hundred paragraphs long posts are hoped to be read by other busy teachers.And do they have the time?! How many teachers out there really crave for never-ending posts that will take two cups of coffee to finish? Blogs  aren’t scientific magazines which require daunting guidelines to be met. And even though teaching blog isn’t simply a personal lifestyle blog and still goes under a more professional category, I think we, the teachers are absolutely entitled to write snippets if we wish to do so or if we don’t want to miss out on the blogging fun yet have a family life as well 🙂

So that’s why I decided to dedicate myself more ferociously to paragraph-blogging instead of slowly fading into the teacher blogs oblivion.

Here’s my first snippet.

Last week we looked into the topic of lying. To introduce it, to get students interested and activate their brains, I used the good old ‘which is the lie?’ warmer. I had carefully prepared five sentences about myself (one being a lie!) I thought I had been very clever and nothing, really nothing, could possibly give my lie away.

So there I was, all proud and beaming in front of my students reciting my sentences. I took extra care to look very casual, especially when I got to the lie part.

And then, as soon as I stopped, a hand went up and a boy shouted out the sentence, the LIE! I was flabbergasted! How on Earth could he know?!

Well, it turned out that …

YES, this boy LOVES police investigation series and YES, he is very observant and YES, I …

I had shaken my head when pronouncing the lie 🙂

I was utterly unaware, by the way!




3 thoughts on “Snippets it is then!

  1. Hi there! I find great pleasure in reading whatever little thing you post. Teachers like you are inspiring! Thanks for your time and effort. And, yes, we’re caught in funny situations where we assume we have the control. Turns out they’re getting smarter and smarter, FORTUNATELY😊

  2. Thanks for this! I’ll try and take your blogging tips on board. I have the time to do it now but I’m a terrible perfectionist when it comes to writing. I can’t seem to turn off my internal editor so I spend literally HOURS in front of my screen, deleting, typing, deleting, typing, writing something “better” every time (whatever that is!) So I end up feeling put off my any writing! But we are all a work in progress, aren’t we? 2019 is the year I try and kick this bad habit.

    • Dear Hannah, just to tell you that blogging isn’t easy for me. Far from it. It’s actually quite a painful undertaking at times. Just like you I’m suffering from this never enough syndrome, so each word is a battle. This is probably one of the reasons why I abandoned everything some two years ago. I was simply utterly exhausted. But, and here’s the but, attending the ETAS conference after the long break stirred the excitement I used to feel when interacting with my PLN. So now I think, instead of painstakingly honing and polishing my each blogpost, I simply try to reach out the best I can at a given moment. What counts is the interaction!
      So I’d say, go for it. Set up your blog and see what happens 🙂
      I’m looking forward to reading it!

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